Renaissance Dance

In our latest rehearsal, we began to incorporate dance into our production, choreographed and directed by our Director, Richard Sansom, and began to experiment with make-up for the upcoming production and trailer.

The main influence for the choreography is Renaissance folk dance, and the dances that you will see will be clearly influenced by typical Renaissance dance.

However, since our production incorporates elements not only of Renaissance England, but also 90s London, particularly Club Kid Culture, the dances will not be wholly Elizabethan. Richard, compiling various different genres of music, has created music for our production which compiles elements of the different time periods, and as such has created an almost entirely new genre of 'Renaissance club music'. To understand what exactly this means, do not delay in buying your ticket, and come and see for yourself. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the experience.

All photography by Lily Pagano


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