Behind the scenes - making the trailer

Yesterday, we filmed a preview for our production, complete with warrior makeup, ruffs, bodices, and, of course, aubergines. 

Directed by Fleur, the make up team went to town, experimenting with colours and shape, attempting to express the individual characters’ personalities and psyches through their appearance. 

During the shoot, the actors were able to try on parts of their costumes for the first time, including ruffs and bodices, and much excitement ensued. Fleur’s handmade bodies proved to be beautiful works of art, and they complimented the make up perfectly.

Director Richard was present to oversee the whole process, and the entire team contributed to the creative process, which all aided into bringing to life Richard’s innovative vision. 

The trailer will be released soon, but in the meantime, here are some behind the scenes photos to give you a sense of the creative process. 


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