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Rehearsals start for Oedipus Rex

With opening night on 6th February coming ever closer, rehearsals are well underway, with Director Jamie Hardie and Producer Caterina Domeneghini overseeing the cast. Movement Director Helena Smith is choreographing the dances for the play's chorus, Theban citizens, and a first look into this process can be seen below.

Our chorus members will range from guards to house staff to victims of the plague which is ravaging at the start of the play. This is clearly a departure from the usual characterisation of the chorus as the elders of Thebes, and this diversification of the role is intended to provide different points of view, as the chorus' function is partly to be a point of contextualisation for the audience, as they provide a lens through which to perceive and interpret the happenings on stage.

Come and see our production, from 6th to 8th February 2019, to see the chorus' full repertoire of song and dance, performed along to original score by John O’Sullivan.

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