LYSISTRATA: inspiration and first set designs

Here is the first look at ideas for the set designed by the wonderful Fleur Elkerton and Billy Parker. Our chosen setting of Renaissance England is depicted in the soaring arches and parapet shown in the drawings (below), which are kept elegant and feminine to reflect the nature and message of the play.  Subtle elements of Ancient Athens, in which the play was originally written, will emerge throughout the market place, inspired by the Athenian Agora.

The set pieces will be highlighted by a hint of neon, which will allude to our second source of historical inspiration, Club Kid Culture from 2017 London, a gender-fluid collective who believe in a world free of any divisive societal codes. In this way, we will pull inspiration from Ancient Athens, Renaissance England and present-day London to create an original backdrop for the play, which will help to illuminate the message of the play in a new way.


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